About CCP

Originally operating under the name Credit Bureau of Christian & Montgomery Counties, we have been successfully serving clients with exceptional accounts receivable management (ARM) services since our inception in 1938.


In 2011, we experienced a total renovation of our organization, beginning with changing our name to Credit Collection Partners (CCP). Beyond rebranding, this transformation included new technology, new leadership, and a new focus on serving municipal clients. As of mid-2015, we are serving over 40 of the 102 county governments in Illinois as well as numerous hospital and healthcare related entities.

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Our Process

Initial Placement Activities


Client accounts are integrated into the CCP collections system within 24 hours of receipt. When a file is sent to CCP for collections, it is first scrubbed through LexisNexis to determine if the consumer is deceased. These accounts are then closed and returned to the client, as they are not eligible for collection activity. Simultaneously, the addresses are run through the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) National Change of Address (NCOA) database to determine the most recent known address of the consumer according to USPS records. If a good address is included in the account information, an initial collection letter that is compliant with the FDCPA is requested, processed, and sent to the customer within 24 hours of placement. If a good telephone number is attached to the account, the initial phone attempt is made within 24 hours of account placement.



CCP makes every effort to locate as many consumers as possible, quickly and efficiently. If no telephone number or address is available for our team to begin collection efforts, then our diligent skiptracing process begins. Skip accounts are processed through our primary skiptracing vendor, Accurint by LexisNexis, based on the following features:


  • More than 500 million consumers on record
  • More than 1 billion business contacts
  • More than 30 million raw files processed daily
  • More than 216 million unique cellphone numbers to ensure Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliance


If after a thorough automated search, we are unable to locate the consumer, CCP collectors then refer to online directories, credit bureau reports, and nearbys and reference other agencies. Our skiptracing efforts are exhaustive because the first step to recovering accounts is finding the responsible party.

Call Campaign


Once the consumer is located, call campaigns begin to attempt to contact and collect the outstanding debt. Calling times are managed by our collection software, ensuring that our call schedule is always FDCPA compliant. CCP will place multiple, continual calls until contact is made. Account follow-up calls are placed as needed to resolve the debt.


Multilevel Collection Approach


Once contact is made, CCP collection agents employ a tiered collection program designed to offer every possible option to the consumer and resolve the full outstanding debt as soon as possible. Collectors first request that the balance be paid in full. If a full and immediate payment is not possible, collectors are trained to discuss payment options and create an agreeable payment plan that will resolve the account within 90 days. To ensure we gain the consumer’s commitment to payment arrangements, the balance can be secured with post-dated checks or with partial payment arrangements. CCP closely manages partial payment agreements with a mandatory follow-up call sequence designed to ensure the arrangement is a priority for the consumer and to secure the full balance. CCP will follow the requirements for payment processing.


Payment Options


To make payment as convenient as possible, CCP offers a variety of payment options to best fit the needs and situation of each individual. Consumers will be able to settle their debts with the following options:


  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Post-dated checks
  • Wire transfer
  • Check by phone
  • Online payment
  • Check by Mail
  • Customer service/payment counter


CCP will customize all payment options to meet the client's specific requirements.


24/7 Secure Online Payments


To further demonstrate that CCP is at the forefront of technology, we have implemented WebAR Virtual Agent Collector. With this secure, online

payment system, consumers enjoy the benefit of making payments online, anytime, when it is convenient for them. This avatar technology is designed to operate in compliance with regulatory guidelines and treat every consumer with dignity and respect. Each session guides the consumer, step by step, through the resolution process and the system can be tailored to create the most likely acceptable solutions for each consumer, in accordance with requirements.


Broken Promise Follow-up


Broken promise follow-up begins when a check does not clear or if the promised payment does not arrive when expected. When CCP staff follows up on broken promise accounts, they first update and verify all consumer data to ensure right-party contact complies with privacy rules and regulations. Collectors continue to work with the consumer to determine the best possible arrangement and resolve the account successfully and professionally.


Closing Accounts


Closing processes will be customized to meet the unique demands and expectations. Typically, when the account is closed, a Close and Return report is generated. This report can be sent either electronically or via hard copy to the client in the frequency determined during implementation. However the frequency, method of delivery, and/or format can always be modified at any time after implementation, for this or any report, to accommodate the changing requirements.




Equipment and Software


CCP is at the forefront of technology. We take advantage of the best, most efficient, and most intelligent options available. For that reason, we have recently upgraded our infrastructure to a secure, cloud-based computing solution called WebAR by InterProse.  WebAR is a secure, cloud-based accounts receivable management platform designed for the collection industry.  Some of the features of WebAR include the following:


  • Account bundling
  • Account manager
  • Account document management
  • Real-time strategy triggers
  • Client management tools
  • Client accounting and invoicing
  • Dialer integration interface
  • Secure file transfer
  • Flexible payment plans and promises to pay
  • Job process automation
  • Automated on-demand letter series
  • Real-time credit card and ACH processing
  • SQL report engine and report designer
  • Skiptrace and data enrichment interface
  • User management tools


Online Access for Authorized Clients


CCP believes in total transparency with our clients. That is why CCP will provide clients with a secure, online client access portal. This highly robust, yet user-friendly system gives authorized client members the option to access real-time collection data and reports, 24 hours per day/seven days per week. With online access, authorized clients can:


  • Search for specefic account data
  • View account activity
  • Run reports
  • Load new placement files
  • Download and listen to collector calls
  • Contact client services


CCP will train your staff on the use of this highly functional, user-friendly application.


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